Tips For Long Hair

Long Hair 

Having long hair is the desire of mostly women. In general, increased hair length of about 1.5 cm per month. Unfortunately, there are women who are growing vines or hair tends to break easily when it reaches a certain length. So you want to find tips on growing hair fast to looks more beautiful than other. Here are some ways to lengthen the hair healthy:

The scalp is actually the part that needs to be touched with massage and rubbing. This is because the newly grown hair is often difficult to grow. For covered by a layer of dirt, oil, and skin cells of the old. Gently massage your scalp using a special brush or scalp with fingers for 2 minutes before showering.
Pamper your hair:
Use the shampoo and conditioner that contains a moisturizer sheat butter or oil avocado. This material may keep the hair moist Hegelian and this is what makes hair grow long because the hair is fragile and can break long before the hair becomes long.

Arranging the hair using a variety of equipment styling is legitimate. However, keep in mind that heat and friction that occurs from the comb can damage the protective layer of hair.
This can cause hair to become fragile and easily fall out. The solution, use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair after shampooing and use a spray protector before heat styling your hair.
Avoid the use of chemicals:
As a solution, to get the wavy hair, you can try braiding your hair when the hair is still wet and let go when the hair begins to dry.
Let us practice together quick tips long hair and after that can cut hair according to the trend !

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