Cute Pakistani Girls

Pakistani Girls

Marriage is recognized throughout the world as a turning point in the lives of the man and woman. It requires more adjustment than possibly any other lifestage as the partners sort out the roles they will play and learn each other's needs and wants.
Sacrifice in a marriage will be required, and compromiseis not always easy. Many factors, both internal and external, contribute to whether a marriage will succeed or fail.
The personality traits of the partners play a significant role in the successor failure of a marriage. Studies have shown that a person's level of neuroticism (negativity and emotional instability) is a powerful contributor to theoutcome of a marriage. The more neurotic a partner, the more difficulty he or she had in making the adjustments marriage requires, and the more likely the relationship would end in divorce. Each partner's personality traits can effect the other's ability to adjust. For example, a husband's level of neuroticism and his ambivalence about emotional expression had a negative affect onhis wife's adjustment. However, his agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness had positive effects. Similarly, a wife's neuroticism affected her husband negatively, while her openness and agreeableness affected him positively.

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