Salwars Kameez For Girls Eid Pictures

Eid Salwars Kameez

Punjab is the pioneer state for Salwars which has encouraged many conservative women to come out of their homes and prove their skills with their chastity intact. Punjabi Salwars Suits are suitable for casual wear as well as party wear. The loose pants for these attires have a separate section for Patiala bottoms. Punjabi Salwars Suits can have simple embroidery or detailed work depending on its use. Both pastel shades and bright ones are aptly explored for daily casual and office wear.

Punjabi Salwars Suits can be designer made or bollywood styles apart from other forms of Punjabi Salwars Suits. Wedding Punjabi Salwars Suits are a colouful spectrum with a range of creative works so that a group of women could indulge in these clothes for a while during a dear one special moment. These Punjabi Salwars Suits are categorized based on domestic functions like birthday, betrothal etc to festivals. One could also find these Punjabi Salwars Suits exclusively meant for casual wear, office wear or to give bold and trendy impressions.

Punjabi Salwars Suits also have an impact of the Hindi film industry and popularized by a particular actress or by a film. These filmi Punjabi Salwars Suits make a desirable impression without hurting your purse. Materials like cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk are used in these clothes, so that one could use them according to the climatic conditions. There are Punjabi Salwars Suits meant for temple wear as well. While buying online, one has more exposure to Punjabi Salwars Suits than while personally shopping at a shop. Latest developments are more obvious this way.

An alternative word for Salwar Kameez, the origin of the term Punjabi Suits has a reason behind it. Salwar Kameez, contrary to popular belief in the Western countries, is not of strictly Indian origin. It was widely worn in Afghanistan and the Punjab Province, as it was known during the British rule. Since it was, and still is, the staple outfit of people belonging to the Punjab Province, it was also called Punjabi Suit . It was through Punjab that Salwar Kameez found its way to India and hence people in Punjab and northern India often refer to Salwar Kameez as a Punjabi Suit. Punjabi Salwars Suits are often very colorful with vibrant resham embroidery. Punjabi Suits feature a loose Salwar or Shalwar, often a Patiala style Salwar too with many pleats, and is paired with a rather tight fitting Kameez and a beautiful Dupatta. Over the years, Punjabi Shalwar kameez have gone through many changes depending upon the prevailing fashion trends but the traditionally styled Punjabi patiala salwar kameez still continues to be timelessly appealing. Nowadays one needn’t go to North India to buy authentic Punjabi Salwar Kameez . Thanks to the hundreds of boutiques everywhere and the online clothes shopping websites, it is not a difficult task to get a traditional or Designer Punjabi Suit. At shalwarkamez, you can find a plethora of Punjabi Salwars Suits in various colors and fabrics that prove ideal for Casual Wear as well as Party Wear occasions. These Punjabi Suits are further adorned with beautiful pattern made of sequins, beads, bugle beads, zari and resham embroidery.

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