Aishwarya with Kate Winslet New Add Shot

Aishwarya And Kate Winslet

Aishwarya Rai may not be really having her time as far as box office goes but she clearly does beliving in the saying “A certain time save nine”,with 3 major flops this year Ash belives its never too late to mend the damage.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who shot with British actress Kate Winslet for a commercial, shares her experience of working with her,when asked that 3 beautiful women together in one frame any film maker films so what Kate gave u on taking revolutionary role did she..?

Aishwaryarai said “No its not like that be both come on with same spirit each one has their own body of experience ,varied,prolific and obviously work for industry for which we are grateful for,the kind of appreciation we received from our viewers,and with in that short period we could exchange so much and so easily which is great,u bring ease in our work space and thats why working together becomes wonderful.” Well it has been anything but sweet for Aishwarya rai at box office,and springs to her husbands defence.she said “I think u can pick out him as a one co-star than my husband because fact is that for me personally its coming from the place of truth ,i have had a wonderful year,and im very very grateful ,films live their destiny ,but when u walk over ,it not necessary for a film to do well near the box office ,as a team it hurts because its an industry,and business of film making …”

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