Pakistani girls are indeed fast Photo

Girls are indeed fast Photo
2 year old Naseem Hamid has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “fast girls”. Winning the womens’ 100 meter race in the South Asian Federation (SAF) games with a record, Naseem made many of her countrymen (and women) proud. As she arrived from India, Naseem was treated at Karachi airport to a rapturous welcome. Swarmed by hundreds of fans, the young sprinter appeared humbled by the extraordinarily elaborate reception.
The governor of Sindh pledged over a million rupees on behalf of President Asif Ali Zardari and another 5 hundred thousand of his own. Pakistan’s sports ministry also contributed to the prize pool as Naseem appeared set to enjoy monetary rewards from multiple sources. Lawyers around the country pressed for full time employment for the athlete as did many prominent members of Pakistan’s civil society. Naseem hails from the impoverished area of Korangi in Karachi, and would now certainly be in a good position to support her family financially.

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